Language learning resources for Instant Immersion VT

Did You Know?

Instant Immersion VT:

  • Is as Good as RosettaStone® for a Fraction of the Cost
  • Has the Most Foreign Languages Avaiable with Over 125
  • Meets AFTFL, TESOL and State Curriculum Standards
  • Applies a Proven Pedagogy Based on Neuro-Linguistic Research

System Requirements
An Internet connection with desktop browser supporting
Adobe Flash and 960x600 resolution.  A microphone is

In addition, you can use our partner service

Phone/Tablet Support
Android and iOS apps are available on request.

Instant Immersion VT Workbooks available

Sample pages of the Spanish Workbook

     Spanish Workbook Sample

Instant Immersion eBooks available

Sample pages of the Spanish eBook

     ePub Sample
Instant Immersion VT Resources

Video Overview of Levels 1-2-3
Instant Immersion VT Overview Video
   Instant Immersion VT Audio Add-on

Sample track listing
  • Alphabet & Sounds
  • Greetings, Introductions & Subject Pronouns
  • Gender Agreement, Physical Descriptions & Corresponding Verbs
  • Weather, Numbers, Irregular Verbs, Finding & Following Directions
  • Days of the Week & Dates, Useful Shopping Terms
  • Restaurants, Food & Corresponding Verbs
  • Cultural Notes on Ethnic Foods & Customs
  • Time/hours, Corresponding Verbs, Use of Object Pronouns
  • Travel Vocabulary, Planning a Trip, Using the Internet
  • Hotels, Taking a Taxi, Checking In & Special Requests
  • At the Market, Negotiating, Money
  • Doctor’s Office, Describing Symptoms, Insurance
  • Finding a Pharmacy & Filling a Prescription
  • Invitations, an Evening Out, Ordering Food
  • Entertainment & Leisure Activities, Telling Time
  • Sporting Events, Seasons & Holidays

Sample Audio Transcript

     Spanish Transcript Sample

Listen to a sample track