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English Language Learners and World Language Students—from Elementary and Secondary Schools (K-12), Higher Education and Adult Education—will benefit from Instant Immersion™ VT helping students to learn languages, whether as a core part of a college-level foreign language course or K-12 blended or flipped learning environment, as a personalized learning supplement, K-12 afterschool or enrichment program, university language lab, distance learning, exploratory learning, or a self-directed study program. Students have many choices for learning world languages from Spanish, English (ELL, EAL, ESL, ESOL), French, German, Italian, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian to one of over 115 other modern languages.
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Instant Immersion™ VT (Virtual Tutor) is the cloud-based institutional-use version of Instant Immersion™, the top-selling multimedia, digital e-learning suite of language learning software with over 10 million users worldwide. Instant Immersion VT courses can be used as part of a formal ESL or foreign language class—or for independent study to assist individual language learners—from business and corporate training, government agencies, church missions and charities, NGOs, or other types of organizations—to meet their language-learning objectives to learn Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, German, Japanese, Portuguese or one of over 115 other foreign languages.

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The Flashcard language learning blog for teachers

The Flashcard: Expert Tips, Resources on Second Language Learning and Teaching

I passed the countless hours reviewing flashcards of traditional Chinese characters while on buses and the MTR (subway) when I lived in Hong Kong almost 30 years ago. After about a year, I went through a nicely appointed box set of the One Thousand Basic Characters flashcards, which are jointly created by Chinese University of Hong Kong and Yale University (or more commonly known as, Yale in China). Back then, I could read a Cantonese newspaper with about 90 percent comprehension! (Here’s a tip: Never review flashcards in taxis. Anyone that has taken a taxi ride in Hong Kong or Taiwan, or played the video game “Crazy Taxi,” will understand why. Besides, taxi drivers are captive audiences for practicing spoken Chinese!)

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The Flashcard language learning blog for schools

Free Language Picture Flashcards for Visual Learners, Students, Tourists, Teachers and Missionaries

The host has put together the most common 1000 culturally neutral images to create your own flashcards and share with others or you can chose an existing list from the following languages:

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The Flashcard language learning blog for colleges

Foreign Language Software Doesn't Work!

Part One: "An industry insider's opinion on language-learning software fallacies and realities." I’m a language-learning software believer. But I’m not a fanatic. This is the first in a series of posts that will contain some controversial ideas, which hopefully spawn a conversation about using software to learn a new language. As a foreign languages student, and a digital language-learning publishing insider, I know the industry’s ins and outs, and not-so-hidden secrets.

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