Top instagram profiles

Top instagram profiles

Meet the top 5 brands in the Instagram Ranking

Without a robust strategy for social networks, you risk becoming irrelevant in your market and having trouble attracting new customers. It turns out that, sometimes, you lack inspiration to impact your audience with quality content, right? At these times, a good tip is to follow the profiles of companies that are at the top of the Instagram ranking.

Focused on visual content and interaction with the public, Instagram is an excellent platform for celebrities and influencers as well as great branding space for potential customers. You can learn a lot about what works for this social network by analyzing the posts of the top companies that are present in it.

How about keeping an eye on the type of publication that the most successful companies in this social network usually create? With the right adaptations, you can structure a marketing plan focused on your own success.

Get to know the following 5 top brands in the Instagram ranking:

  1. Instagram (@instagram)

Instagram is the company most followed in the social network, which is indicative for companies to develop their strategies focused on institutional content. In addition to announcing news and promotional actions, the profile also often highlights other accounts, which post photos worthy of attention. This makes it act as a true aggregator of quality content in your own space.

  1. National Geographic (@natgeo)

With 85 million followers, National Geographic magazine is the second most-watched company on this social network. Your content strategy can build on this profile by improving your visibility features on Instagram. As such a magazine is known for its stories in remote corners of the world, the profile constantly publishes behind-the-scenes photos of these productions to get attention.

  1. Nike (@nike)

Having its name always associated with sports and attitude, Nike is the company with the third largest audience in the Instagram ranking. Your profile invests heavily in a creative and innovative feed. The profile serves as another channel responsible for consolidating the brand identity focused on its “Just do it” tagline. And for this uses photos and videos of sports scenes with their products in the background. Your business can be inspired by this proposal to create quality content.

  1. Victoria’s Secret (@victoriassecret)

It is possible to reach the Top 5 of Instagram’s ranking of companies with a strategy of purely commercial content. The lingerie brand dedicates almost all of its space to promoting its products. Its priority is to highlight new collections and news of the season. Using features such as videos and stories, it can engage your fans’ engagement and keep you in touch with your updates.

  1. Real Madrid C.F. (@realmadrid)

With impressive 54 million followers, the Spanish football team Real Madrid is in fifth place in the Instagram ranking of companies. The profile stays close to the top thanks to a competent content strategy. His posts alternate between training scenes and decisive games, those with creative and unusual angles of elements that allude to cheer for the club. It is an inspiration for your company to seek in its own identity the source of ideas for your posts.

Start by following each of these Instagram ranking profiles to count on periodic doses of strategic content whenever you access this social network. Your business has a lot to gain by having a redesign in strategy, focusing on impacting your audience with innovative and effective publications.

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Article by Poprey.