MakeUp Instagram. Get more likes

MakeUp Instagram. Get more likes

Makeup Instagram: 5 Ways to Dribble Competition

An Instagram makeup is that kind of profile that has a lot of potential to attract followers. The popularity of the subject, the constant search for information and the dynamism of the tool make a perfect marriage. However, this is a very popular niche. This requires building a good strategy to stand out and dodge the competition.

One of the ways to do this is through well structured campaigns to favor the good user experience with the brand. With them, you can maximize the results and thus achieve the desired goals. A good tip is to have an automation tool to get the most out of Instagram.

To show other important elements for a Makeup Instagram, we’ve listed a few things you can not miss in your strategy.

  1. Create content with text and image

Creating content with text and image is fundamental to an Instagram of makeup, as this makes it easier to illustrate the message that is being passed.

In a clear example, if it is text only, it will lack an image to actually show what is being said. Only a good image will give the impression that a description is missing to inform what is being shown (type of makeup, technique, products used, among others).

  1. Abuse creative elements

Make-up and creativity are intertwined. Therefore, it is essential to use creative elements and, more than that, to abuse the use of them. Creativity contributes to a more complete interactive process. As much as a Makeup Instagram has a pattern, it is possible to create variations and thus have more elements to differentiate from the rest and offer content that is not “more of the same.”

  1. Know the audience well

Knowing the audience well is essential to create more relevant content that is really of interest to the person. One tip is to use Instagram Insights, a tool that helps map audience behavior by bringing information about followers’ profile, recent activities, interaction with posts, and more.

So you can better understand who your audience is and how they behave, an essential factor in building a more targeted strategy that can increase the reach of your brand.

  1. Build a community

Building a community using hashtags (#) is a great way to expand your profile reach. The first step to this is to use relevant hashtags. This relevance can be worked according to the theme chosen. But it is interesting, whenever possible, to create a hashtag of its own, that is easy to assimilate and can refer to your brand.

  1. Create rapport with followers

Not using Instagram to create a relationship with followers is a serious mistake. Call to action (CTA) is a great alliance to create an effective interactive process, so there’s an incentive for people to think, suggest, answer questions, and bring the information you need.

Another important tip is to have a profile that is always active, that is, with frequent posts (without exaggeration) and that can bring news to followers, interacting with followers and creating a captive audience.

By applying these tips, it is easier for an Instagram makeup to dribble the competition and achieve better results.

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