Get instagram followers organically

Get instagram followers organically

How to schedule a post on Instagram: Find Out The Best Way

Did you know that it is possible to schedule a post on Instagram? That means you do not have to be online to upload a post on a particular day and time. So you do not risk forgetting to post and wasting the right time to put your image or video in the air.

Today, you’ll see key reasons for scheduling publications, how it helps your strategy, and step-by-step for you to do the scheduling in the simplest way possible.

Ready to make life easier for your company and promote it on Instagram? Continue with us and have a good reading!

Why schedule publications?

Have you thought about posting an image that could viralizar in Instagram, but forgot to post? This is more common than it seems. However, it’s a major constraint for your page to have greater authority on the network and you can increase your business sales.

Whether for lack of care or lack of time, the ideal is that your company can always post regularly. This means that you need to define how many times per week the content should be published, as well as the amount of daily posts.

Also, you’ll need to figure out the best postings times. From the best understanding of your audience, you will understand at what time of day people interact better with published content. This will make it easier for your team to define which topics are most relevant to users, increasing the chance that they will interact with your publications and be more ready to make a purchase.

That is, scheduling is the best way for you to ensure that posts will be published and you have greater control over the content strategy you’ve adopted.

How is scheduling helpful in your strategy?

A scheduling system can make your company’s life easier. Instead of making the posts at the time you want to post, you can put all the pictures or videos of the week in a single moment, scheduling when the posting should go on the air.

Thus, you avoid possible contingencies and ensure that the publication will be visible at the desired moment. Your followers will know that they can expect new publications and wait for them, and also increase the reach of each.

What is the best way to schedule?

The best way to accomplish your schedules is by using a tool. With it, you’ll be better able to schedule your publications as well as manage the entire social network. This feature also offers many benefits, such as audience segmentation, DM and automatic interactions, profile reports, and the ability to clarify questions with experts.

One of the best tools available in the market is Bume. With it, in a few minutes you have access to the system, in addition to being able to test its features without the need to insert a credit card.

How to schedule a post on Instagram by Bume?

Using Bume, Instagram’s automation tool, it is possible to schedule a post on Instagram for the expected day and time. The platform, which does not stop innovating and updating, included this new feature to facilitate the process of updating your profile. This possibility also assists in the execution of your content planning, as it is possible to make scheduled posts on the days and times for your business, without having to be in front of the computer at those times.

The programming feature works simply in Bume.


  • the first step, after accessing the “Schedule Publication” tab, is to upload the image or video you want to publish;
  • the second is to insert the caption and hashtags of your post;
  • already the third and last step is to choose the date and time that your post should go on the air;
  • ready, then just click “Schedule” that the content will be automatically published to your Instagram profile.

This functionality of Bume was released as something complementary to its strategic function and is still in the test version. More resources will soon be included, such as:

  • add location;
  • first comment;
  • schedule publishing for Stories;
  • schedule posts in conjunction with Facebook;
  • among others.

I do not know if you already know, but well before developing the function of scheduling posts in Instagram, Bume already offered several other features to improve your profile and help you to pump on Instagram. Its differential, for example, is in the automation of actions to win new followers engaged. All through the definition of reference profiles, hashtags, tanned and location. Its structure also allows the sending of instant messages, growth report and more.

How to check the schedule?

Want to make sure your schedules are ready for publication? It’s simple! In your dashboard, go to “Schedule publication” You will see a list of scheduled posts, with the image, date and times scheduled for the publication to air.

Did you give up posting or do you want to make a change? It’s also easy. Click “Details” and modify your caption as desired. If you want to delete the schedule, click “Cancel Publication.”

How to optimize posts on Instagram?

After talking a bit more about Bume, let’s now take a few strategic tips on how you can leverage Instagram post scheduling and get better results in terms of engaging and reaching your publications. Are they:

  • diversify its contents, avoiding repetitions;
  • create informative posts that are relevant to the lives of your followers and not only disclose business information;
  • post on commemorative dates related to your business and those that are important in the national calendar;
  • schedule posts on strategic times and days.

We hope these tips and the new functionality of Bume help you do a good job on the fastest growing social network in the world. Now that you know how to schedule a post on Instagram, it’s time to start putting that new knowledge into practice. Make your registration in the tool, test and plan your publications calendar. Your audience and your company only have to win!

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