10 Secrets of getting more instagram followers and likes

10 Secrets of getting more instagram followers and likes

What is TBT in Instagram and how to use it to attract more followers

In Instagram, the use of hashtags is very popular, since they are used to categorize the images and attract new followers. Among so many options, have you stopped to think about TBT on Instagram? This virtual phenomenon moves thousands of people and companies every week. It’s a great opportunity to boost the visibility and success of your profile. For this, this hashtag must be used correctly.

And you came to the right place! This text will teach you what TBT is in Instagram and how to employ the hashtag to win followers. Let’s learn?

What is TBT on Instagram?

TBT is the acronym for the expression Throwback Thursday, which can be freely translated as return or rewind Thursday. The hashtag is used to reminisce past events and memories, such as memories of childhood or that journey that you missed.

His first appearances on the Internet are from 2003, when the Urban Dictionary website described its meaning. However, it was only at the end of 2011 that it began to gain repercussion as hashtag on Instagram. Today, it’s almost a rule: every Thursday the Instagram is invaded by thousands of old images accompanied by #tbt or #throwbackthursday (or both).

What is tbt in instagram (1) How to use TBT in Instagram?

#Tbt is so popular on the Internet that it even has its own etiquette. Check out the list with some tips for succeeding in using #tbt and attracting more followers on Instagram.

Understand that TBT is for Thursdays

It seems obvious, but a lot of people forget it when using #tbt. It is a hashtag to be used only on Thursdays. It is worth remembering that the last letter of the acronym comes from thursday, Thursday in English. She is the main hashtag for nostalgia, but not the only one. For other days, we have Flashback Friday (Friday) and Wayback Wednesday (Wednesday).

Watch out for TBT photos, which should be old

We are talking about images from years ago, not from last summer. The ideal photos are those with 5 or 10 years. Remember: #tbt’s goal is to arouse nostalgia (preferably with some fun).

Search in your files for old images about:

  • place: your first office, shop or facade;
  • employees: the oldest, following the fashion of the era, for example (but make sure they agree);
  • customers: people interacting with your product or company;
  • product: the first model or prototype (crooked and incomplete) or drawing (in scribbles);
  • campaigns: your old marketing materials or those related to your company;
  • and events: festivities, fairs and other events that your company participated in.

If your organization is new or does not have old images, think of alternatives like similar and vintage products. Does your company develop mobile apps? How about a picture of the old mobile phones? Be creative!

Realize that photos should be relevant to your audience and your business

Knowing the taste of your audience is very important when designing a marketing strategy on Instagram. For #tbt photos, it’s no different.

Your photo #tbt should be relevant to your business and, above all, be interesting to you. If your organization works with electronic products, your image will hardly be about beauty products.

Combine TBT with other hashtags

In addition to #tbt and #throwbackthursday, take the opportunity to add others that are also relevant to your photo #tbt. This will bring more visibility to your content, in addition to attracting more followers and potential customers. Do a search and search for the hashtags that most relate to your image. Just take care not to overdo the amount.

Being a popular one, TBT can not stay out of its marketing strategy on Instagram. When used correctly, it can present great results in attracting followers, as well as stimulating the engagement of your audience. Just remember to follow your rules and always keep in mind what is most interesting to you.

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